1/50 AUS

Prompt: 1920s AU.

(Also known as “I read The Poisoner’s Handbook and got ideas.)

"Sweet sister temperance,” Aegon said muzzily, blinking up at her in a haze of headache and regret, “don’t look at me like that.”

"Are you capable of actually registering my expression?" She sounded curious at that, that mad scientist streak that led her in unladylike directions.

"No, I just know you too well," he pointed out. 

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october daye from the seanan mcguires novels begining with rosemary and rue
i wanted to throw the initial sketch of tobey in there
spikey is still super in progress but i was like what the hell


i want the “strong woman” trope to be retitled “The Athena Complex”

because athena felt that, since she was not born from a woman but rather from zeus’s head, and since she was strong and wise, she was not truly a woman, but in fact much more masculine and often sided with men in disputes

which really reminds me of everything we see in television and movies and literature, when we see a woman we’re supposed to look up to, but all she keeps saying is “stop calling me a girl, i am Too Strong to be labeled feminine”

like yo, the two can coexist, and better yet… you dont even have to possess both at all

you can be strong without being the goddess of the wisdom of battle, and you can be the goddess of the wisdom of battle and still be feminine, ya feel

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"Few now remember them," Tom murmured, "yet still some go wandering, sons [[ and daughters ]] of forgotten kings walking in the loneliness, guarding from evil things folk that are heedless.”

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